August 2, 2018

Business Development Internships

Business Development Internship

Companies looking to expand are mostly searching for business developers with minimum a bachelor degree, which isn’t always necessary as the intern will also belearning-by-doing. She/he will need solid skills in English, in communication & marketing and a knowledge of new technologies. As a business developer, the intern will need to be up to date concerning market and tech latest news.

You are enterprisingself confident with solid communication skills, and always looking for responsibilities and new challenges ?  Please do not hesitate to contact our consultant who will advise you in the quest of your dream internship.


The business developer is involved in the sales department.  Her/his roles are to identify new opportunities, and to createbuild andmaintain long-term relationshipswith different business partners. A business developper is a key-assetand needs to work closely with various departments within the company, she/he is the link between those different departments and will be a problem solver and a source of proposal.

Business management position are inhigh demand in every activity sector of Cape Town, and relate to various partners as it can be Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), or even related to Non Profitable Organisations


  • The sales assistant is the faceand the voice of the company.  She/he needs to be service oriented and always have a customer’s vision of the product that she/he sells. Youassist customers and make sure that they will keep on purchasing your company’s services or goods.
  •  Sales management position is an entry-level job and will be the first step in your commercial career.


  • The strategic initiatives assistant has to take important decisions and need to be thoughtful.  Choosing whether partnering with local companies or going solo can be a tough choice, a choice which is up to you ! 
  •  Work hand-in-hand with legal and financialservices to evaluate the various options from juridical and investment point of views.

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