August 2, 2018

Conservation Internships

Conservation Internship sectors

For every nature lover, South Africa is a must to visit thanks to its beautiful landscapes, its variedgeology, and a diverse terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna.

The “Big Five” (the buffalos, the rhinos, the lions, the leopards, and the elephants) are the main symbol of South Africa’s many wonders, but are also in need of protection, such as many other species and natural sites.


National ParksReserves, or Safari lodges are constantly searching for young and dynamic students passionate about wildlife and ecosystem health to help them running either a protection program or a business with respect for nature.

Whether you are a fan of the flora or the fauna, you could be part of different programs protecting the South Africa’s precious nature.


Are you a fan of nature, and at the same time passionate about hosting people ? Well, being a lodge assistant requires both. You will assist the team and need to be organised : ensuring the bookings, checking-in and checking-out, work on natural sites, prepare for Safari trip… You must have an outgoing personality, be dynamic, and be a hard-working person. Working in a lodge may be your best way to be close to nature while working and improving your skills ! Please check out our different internship offers, and do not hesitate to contact our consultant.


If you have always wanted to protect endangered species and play a key role in the wildlife conservation, do not wait any longer ! Our internship program will allow you to help different key actors within the Western Cape Wildlife Protection by assisting them in different ways. Do you want to know more about it ? Please contact our consultant who will quickly answer to your questions.

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