August 2, 2018

Finance Internships

Finance Internship sectors

The Financial sector in South Africa is truly developed and gathers more than 30 Banks with 4000 branches, with many foreign branches which are established in the country. The banking sector is highly concentrated with 5 major players (The “Big 5” : Standard Bank, FNB, ABSA, Nedbank and Capitec) accounting for more than 80% of the total banking asset.

Investment and merchant banking remain the most competitive parts of the industry which is thus a flourishing part of the country economy, providing InternAfrika with plenty of internships.


InternAfrika is working hand-in-hand with many different companies related to the financial sector and searching for interns. You are looking for an analyst position in an investment bank ? You want to develop your skills in managementcontrol or cost management ? Or maybe analyze the credit worthiness for a micro-finance campaign ? We will do our best to offer you the perfect professional experience matching with your skills and your profile.


  • Assist your manager by setting up detailed reports, estimate and compare inside performance, forecast the potential results of the current financial situation.
  • An internship in control and cost management will allow you to sharpen your organisational skills and will teach you the rigour of this specific and fascinating job.


  • Working as a financial analyst will be your first step into the world of finance. You will collectconsolidate and analyse financial data, and try to understand the macro and micro environment of your different clients.
  • As an financial analyst intern, you will be a source of proposal, organised, and will gather good interpersonal skills.

Our selection of internships in large corporations and SME’s will let you start your international career. The financial sector is a passionate environment to work in, do not hesitate to contact us to know more about our quality and high graded financial analyst internships.

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