August 2, 2018

Marketing Internships

Marketing Internship sector

Marketing and communication gather a large panel of jobs and internships opportunities.

Do you have what it takes to find your next internship in marketing ? If you think that you can easily communicate your ideas, organise and sort out complex data, then you are a creative person and you have the ability to gather the whole team around your project.

Is your profile matching the description above ? If so, please check our different marketing internship offers.


Marketing allows you to work from various perspectives on different thematics. Here are some of the major marketing topics that will help you to build yourself a wide range of useful skills.

DIGITAL MARKETING                   

Digital Marketing is omnipresent and has become vital for most of major player today. It combines different fields and requires a large panel of skills, starting from search engine optimisation campaign on the website to increase leads and target new consumerdesign on illustrator and photoshop for media campaign, to community management by organising and updating the branding of the online company.

MARKETING STRATEGY                   

Be part of the strategic decision of the company, assist your manager by developing specific plan to target new customers and increase leads and turnover. You will deliver a brand analysis, and build a strong marketing mix and positioning to increase your company’s sales.

PR AND COMMUNICATION                   

Assit your manager in leveraging existing media relation and develop new contact within the business industry. You could manage media inquiries and interview requests, and the next morning create the content for the next press release, byline article and keynotes presentation.

Internships in PR and communication service are inspiring and dynamic internships, and our consultant will gladly help you finding the perfect one.

If you have a specific type of internship in mind or any questions, please contact our consultant.

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