September 5, 2018

Our Process

Find your internship

We will find you an internship matching perfectly with your profile.

Organize your installation 

We will prepare your arrival in Cape Town.

Enjoy Cape Town

We will make sure you enjoy your experience in Cape Town in various ways.

No fees until you are hired ! 

Contact us :

  •  Schedule a Skype together for a better understanding of you and your expecting
  • Our Consultant will give their tips  for your future life in Cape Town and about our Company.
  • according to your preferences several internship matching your profile and wishes will be present to you ;
  • We will answer to every questions you have in mind and are fully available for you.

Select your dream internship :

  • We will redesign your resume if needed.
  • Our consultant will give you some company information and will train you for your interview ;
  • If either you or the company are not satisfied after the interview, we are committed to do our best to find you an internship that match your profile.

Once hired in your Internship,  we will assist with your Trip Preparation :

Before your stay

  • Help for your visa application.
  • Find your accommodation in Cape Town.
  • Find your a car to rent or even to buy (better in case of a long stay in Cape Town).

  • We will pick you up at the airport and drive you to your accommodation;
  • Will spend a moment together and we will give you our welcoming guide with your South African Sim Card;
  • We will introduce you to our network in South Africa.

Once you land in Cape Town

For your stay in Cape Town

  • Emergency number 24/7;
  • We are working with embassies in case of emergencies.
  • We Tailor-made your holiday with our local tourism partners;
  • Monthly activities planned with the InternAfrika network;
  • We will be always available for you if you have any questions !

  • Drop off at the airport;
  • Providing the Polyglot Agency partnership, our favorite head hunters. They will keep your CV in case of other opportunities, if you enjoyed so much your stay in Cape Town that you want to find a job there !

At the end of your internship



Once hired