November 29, 2018




With its 2,515 km of coastline, Mozambique is a privileged country for seaside resorts. It is mainly made up of vast plains along the coast and medium altitude plateaus (500 to 1,000 m) inland.

If the south of the country is largely beaten by waves, with the exception of Maputo and Vilanculos bays, the north has many islands protected by a coral reef, with turquoise water lagoons on a background of pristine sand….

Vilanculos et Bazaruto

A seaside holiday in Vilanculos or Bazaruto is synonymous with white sandy beaches, coconut palms and filaos, but also with strolling in the streets and markets.

The small town of Vilanculos is located in a huge wild bay: the village occupies the centre and, on both sides, small hotels are scattered along the seafront. Offshore it is the Bazaruto archipelago, composed of 4 large islands. Each island has its own charm, with on one side the lagoon with its calm and shallow turquoise waters, on the other the turbulent ocean, and between the two dunes, meadows and lakes….