August 2, 2018

Social Internships

Social Internship and Volunteering

South Africa is a unique country, but unfortunately inequality persist on a daily basis. Did you know that Khayelitsha in Cape Town was the second biggest township of South Africa, and that half of the unemployed population of Cape Town is living in that area ? Thought, everyday life difficulties are turning the township into a creative and stimulating place, where entrepreneurship and social projects are trying to enhance life standards and help local population.



Have you already wondered how you skills could be useful to work for a bigger purpose ? Our Non Profit Organisation partners are looking for creative, dynamic, and inspiring people that could bring their expertise to enhance lives of people in need. You will assit a senior to lead various projects and participate to everyday tasks. From preparing food packages for children, taking a taxi in the rush and having lunch with a potential investor, to ending the day at the office elaborating the next communication campaign, you will see that the word ”routine ” isn’t pretty much used in that kind of job. That’s what’s definitely exciting and challenging !


Our volunteering program requires a minimum of 4 weeks stay and does not require technical skills. As a volunteer, you are a special member of the organisation and will live within the same area as other volunteers. Thanks to our various programs, there are many ways of improving life standards in Cape Town. You can either be part of a children education program, be involved in program defending women’s rights, or even work in a wildlife rehabilitation center. We work closely with our partners and only select worthyvolunteer programs.

You want to be part of an NPO and give your energy to people that need it ? Please do not hesitate to contact our consultant to get more information.

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